Theatre specifically and the arts more generally have failed to keep pace with the changing face of society. TheatreFIRST has positioned itself as a conduit to center and amplify voices that have gone unheard but which articulate many iterations of humanity. Toward that end, TheatreFIRST seeks to revolutionize how audiences and artists engage the genre before, during and after the performance. We are not in a quest for answers, but better, more informed questions. To accomplish that task, TheatreFIRST’s guiding questions include: How do we create equitable space? How can we be a meaningful part of uprooting exclusion? How can we be comfortable and safe enough to have these conversations, while simultaneously acknowledging the conversation is warranted? In other words, how can we be malleable enough and adventurous enough to create art for the ever-changing current moment?

From development to production, our artistic, creative, and production teams are at minimum two-thirds people of color, half female identified and one-third LGBTQIA. In crafting our company with those dynamics we affirm how we build is as important as what we build. Moreover, this process and the content we create is an attempt to find ourselves in each other’s stories.