Feb. 14th – Mar. 3rd


by Cleavon Smith

Directed by Michael Gene Sullivan

When injustice takes your power, how will you reawaken? What must you leave behind?

What might you need to become?

College friends Danielle and Adrian had very different upbringings, yet with a shared love of music, and aspirations to change the world they became music stars on the rise. Just as their second album of socially-centered hip-hop goes platinum, Danielle’s brother is shot and killed by police in her parents’ backyard. Grieving her brother’s death and facing what seem to her as the limits of pop culture activism, Danielle is muted for years. Danielle comes out of her reclusive state with a new name, Sister Imani, and a new spiritualism that quickly leads to the formation of an organization called The People. Around the same time, Adrian wins a seat in Congress and separately the two rise in stature. As Adrian is running a strong US Senate campaign and it seems as if the party of the left can win a majority, The People and Sister Imani are seen as pushing potential swing votes to the right. In their first meeting in six years, with a sense that the fate of the country will be decided in this conversation, Adrian and Sister Imani try to win the other over to their way of seeing the world and the course of action needed for a truly just society.