Ben Franklin: Unplugged – A Special Benefit for Puerto Rico

Sunday, October 22nd 7pm at Live Oak Theater

Tickets: $25.

Josh Kornbluth’s comic monologue is one part historical mystery, one part academic revenge tale. Ben Franklin: Unplugged begins when Josh, while shaving one morning, has a realization: he looks just like Ben Franklin! His desperate attempt to turn this superficial similarity into a hit one-man show (along the lines of Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain Tonight!) leads him to do his own research into Franklin’s life — and to uncover the deeply troubled relationship between Ben and his son William (who ended up opposing his father during the Revolution). By the time Ben Franklin: Unplugged reaches its exciting climax in the heavily guarded Franklin Papers at Yale — a university that had once cruelly rejected Josh — the present-day and historical threads have woven together into a comic, and suspenseful, tapestry.