Welcome to TheatreFIRST’s Education Department, T1U.

As an artist, you give so much to our community. T1U offers one-of-a-kind sessions to put you in proximity to the folks that can challenge you to your best, remind you why you’ve dedicated yourself to the art, and connect you directly to the next stage of your work.

The next IN THE ROOM Master Classes start May 20th

This time, we are offering are 4 different 6-week intensives with the Bay Area’s most in-demand and in-command creators. In the span of these 6 weeks, you get to learn from 6 artists that are either actively hiring or actively getting hired. In the 2 monologue tracks, try out one monologue across multiple weeks with multiple artists, or assemble and tone a portfolio of monologues, tailor the six weeks to your needs. In the 2 (new) movement tracks, you’ll get a cross section of disciplines from bay area’s finest visionaries. Get IN THE ROOM.

TRACK A – MONOLOGUES – Sundays, 6 – 10pm




OCTAVIO SOLIS (Playwright, Director)


JONATHAN MOSCONE (Yerba Buena, Director, Playwright)


ROBERT PARSONS (Symmetry, Actor, Director)


SEAN SAN JOSE (Campo Santo, Actor, Director)


SUSANNAH MARTIN (Shotgun, Director)


TRACK B – MOVEMENT – Mondays, 6 – 10pm*


TRISTAN CUNNINGHAM (Actor, Clown), Circus


STEPHEN BUESCHER (A.C.T., Actor, Director) Movement


SUSANNAH MARTIN (Shotgun, Director), Viewpoints


MICHAEL MORAN (Ubuntu, Director), Grotowski


DAVE MAIER (Shotgun, Dueling Arts, Actor, Fight Director), Fight


JESSA BRIE MORENO (Actor, Director, Choreographer), Movement


TRACK C – MONOLOGUES – Sundays, 6 – 10pm




JEFFREY LO (TheatreWorks, Director, Playwright)


LISA MARIE ROLLINS (Director, Playwright)


MINA MORITA (Crowded Fire, Director)


EDRIS COOPER (Brava, Actor, Playwright, Director)


CAREY PERLOFF (A.C.T., Director, Playwright)


TRACK D – MOVEMENT – Mondays, 6 – 10pm*


M GRAHAM SMITH (Director), Mask


RAMI MARGRON (Actor), Afro Caribbean

16-Jul            :

CARLA PANTOJA (Actor, Fight Director), Fight

23-Jul            :

ELENA WRIGHT (Actor, Director, Choreographer), Suzuki

30-Jul            :

MARK JACKSON (A.C.T., Shotgun Players, Director) Biomechanics

6-Aug            :

ERIKA CHONG SCHUCH (Choreographer, Director, Actor), Movement


*Given the rigor of the movement sessions, each will range from 3 to 4 hours within the 6 – 10pm timeframe.

Tuition for each track is $360. Ten slots available per track. To apply, please send resume, statement of purpose (150 words), and a reference to: jon@theatrefirst.com. Deadline for submissions will be Tuesday, May 15th.

T1U will only grow at the rate that we can offer unique experiences for our artistic community. We respect the theatre education happening throughout the Bay Area and, not unlike our main stage productions, stay specific in our niche while champion the work of all artists -instructors and students alike – wherever they tell and teach stories.


Practical Information:

A week before each class, we’ll send you a statement from your next instructor about their ethos, what they’ll want to focus on during the session, and anything you should bring with them in specific. Students are asked will then mix that statement with their own research on the instructor, and come prepared.

Each class will have a stage manager that will keep the time equitable.

Though the instructor may arrange the evening in any way they like, the basic format has been:

For Monologue Tracks:

  1. An introduction: Who they are, what they fight for and the path to their current ethos.
  2. Focused work on the monologues, each student getting 15 – 20 minutes of individual attention. The other students will be in the room to view the 1 on 1 work and included in each process.
  3. Breaks!
  4. End of night discussion.

Note: Instructors are not picking monologues for students. Students should come prepared with monologue(s) of their choice and a clear idea how they want their individual time to be utilized.

For Movement Tracks:

  1. An introduction: Who they are, what they fight for and the path to their current ethos.
  2. The work. Movement sessions will be between 3 and 4 hours long, for the safety of all involved.
  3. Breaks!
  4. End discussion.

Note: Students are responsible for their own safety including safety equipment such as kneepads, water, and attire. Instructors will be specific about any needs for their session.