Welcome to TheatreFIRST’s Education Department, T1U.

As an artist, you give so much to our community. T1U offers one-of-a-kind sessions to put you in proximity to the folks that can challenge you to your best, remind you why you’ve dedicated yourself to the art, and connect you directly to the next stage of your work.


In the Room Masterclasses start April 8th

Our initial course offerings are two, six-week monologue intensives with the Bay Area’s most in-demand and in-command creators. In the span of six weeks, you get to learn from six artists – that are either actively hiring or actively getting hired. Try out one monologue across multiple weeks with multiple artists, or assemble and tone a portfolio of monologues, tailor the six weeks to your needs. Each instructor will give you guidelines five days prior to your session. Get IN THE ROOM.

Each track offers twenty-four hours of in depth training split into six, four-hour sessions. Each session will open with a breakdown from the instructor that includes their personal thoughts on best audition practices and their philosophies on where we are heading as an art form. Students will then be given individual attention, with time to deconstruct their monologue while simultaneously continuing discussion with the entire group (ten students max.) Classes will all end with a Q and A with that week’s instructor.

Two possible tracks are available. Tuition for each track is $360:


In the Room Masterclass Track A: Sundays, April 8 – May 13, 6-10pm

APRIL 8: L. PETER CALLENDER, Actor, Director Artistic Director, African American Shakespeare

APRIL 15: MARK JACKSON Actor, Director, Writer, Director Studio Program, A.C.T.

April 22: ELLEN SEBASTIAN CHANG, Director, Deviser

April 29: MARGO HALL, Actor, Director

May 6: VELINA BROWN, Actor, Director, Advocate



In the Room Masterclass Track B: Mondays, April 9 – May 14, 6-10pm

April 9: ARIEL CRAFT, Artistic Director, The Cutting Ball Theater

April 16: SEAN SAN JOSE, Actor, Director, Writer, Program Director of Campo Santo

April 23: JEFFREY LO, Director, Writer, Casting Director at TheatreWorks

April 30: EVREN ODCIKIN, Director, Writer, Director of New Plays at Golden Thread

May 7: STACY ROSS, Actor

May 14: ERIC TING, Artistic Director, Cal Shakes


Ten slots available per track. To apply, please send resume and a short statement of purpose (150 words) to: jon@theatrefirst.com. UPDATE: We are accepting applications through Saturday, March 24th @ 5pm.

T1U will only grow at the rate that we can offer unique experiences for our artistic community. We respect the theatre education happening throughout the Bay Area and, not unlike our main stage productions, stay specific in our niche while champion the work of all artists -instructors and students alike – wherever they tell and teach stories.