2016-17 Season

2016 – 17 SEASON

BAGYÓ Oct. 10th - Nov. 5th 2016

Oct. 10th – Nov. 5th 2016


By Rob Dario

Dramaturgy by Kim Tran

Directed by Bridgette Loriaux


A daughter is left adrift by the choices of a father on an island where suddenly everything is a mirage. The discovery of hidden ‘Others’ forces her to question her own history and the truth about the only world she’s ever known. Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Bagyó (Tagalog for storm) explores the power of myth, the bravery of personal discovery, and the puzzle of belonging.



Grace Ng / Míranda

Wes Gabrillo / Iwaski

Soren Santos / Danny

Marsha Dimalanta / Sister

Jennifer Jovez / Sister

Richard Bunker / Palarin

Krystle Piamonte / Mamai

Ed Berkeley / Lintik



Noelle Viñas / Scenic Designer

Kevin Myrick / Lighting Designer

Lorin King / Sound Designer

Brittany White / Properties Designer

Miyuki Bierlein/ Costume Designer



Selina Ramirez / Stage Manager

VS. Nov. 21st - Dec. 18th 2016

Nov. 21st – Dec. 18th 2016


By Cleavon Smith

Music by Stephanie Prentice and Reggie White

Dramaturgy by Maryam Obaidullah Baig

Directed by Rotimi Agbabiaka


During America’s revolutionary war, many fought with a motive the history books left out: liberty to slaves. VS., a folk-operetta, examines the story of Colonel Tye, a black man who escaped slavery and then joined the British to fight against the colonial patriots; the very people who enslaved him. Through Tye’s journey of defining identity, VS. sheds light on the cultural conflicts of our day, the legacy of black exploitation and the right to revolution for all.



Edward Ewell / Tye

Cameron Matthews / Salem

Tierra Allen / Tilly

KT Masala / Martha

Terry Rucker / Adjutant, Guitar

Juliet Heller / Sarah



Olive Mitra / Music Director

Grace Renaud / Vocal Arrangements

Brendan West / Charts



Nina Ball / Scenic Designer

Kevin Myrick / Lighting Designer

Kristoffer Barrera / Sound Designer

Brittany White/ Properties Designer

Jessica Gallegos/ Costume Designer



Ellen Boener / Stage Manager

Camden Daly / Production Assistant, Piano


BENEATH THE TALL TREE Feb. 27th - March 25th 2017

Feb. 27th – March 25th 2017


By Adrienne Walters and Jeffrey Lo

Dramaturgy by Oona Hatton

Directed by Joy Carlin


Caught in the anti-Japanese prejudice of WWII and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s executive order 9066, Frederick Tetsuo Fujikawa, a teenage Japanese American boy, was forced from his Palo Alto home to an internment camp away from the rest of the country. Before the government imposed relocation, Fred decided to bury the family samurai sword in the backyard. To this day the sword has not been found. Beneath the Tall Tree is the story of what happens when his Fred’s archaeologist granddaughter decides to dig up her grandfather’s history and look for a connection to her culture that she fears she’s lost.



Adrienne Walters / Cass

Bonnie Akimoto / Fowler / Mom

Lucas Brandt / Tom

Sam Stark / Tetsuo



Randy Wong – Westbrooke / Scenic Designer

Stephanie Anne Johnson / Lighting Designer

Kevin Myrick/ Sound Designer

Devon LaBelle / Properties Designer

Miyuki Bierlein/ Costume Designer



Kristoffer Barrera / Stage Manager



HELA May 22nd - June 17th, 2017

May 22nd – June 17th


By Lauren Gunderson and Geetha Reddy

Dramaturgy by Lisa Marie Rollins

Directed by Evren Odcikin


HeLa, will evoke and explore the story of Henrietta Lacks, the African-American woman whose hard life and young death produced the most powerful line of immortal cells the world has ever seen. This lyrical theatrical mash up will explore the science, legacy, tragedy, poetry, and universal truths that one woman’s story and biology can offer the world.



Jeunée Simon /  Henrietta

Desiree Rogers /  Deborah

Khary Moye / Ensemble

Sarah Mitchell /  Ensemble

Akemi Okamura /  Ensemble

Richard Pallaziol / Ensemble



Bailey Hikawa / Scenic Designer

Stephanie Anne Johnson / Lighting Designer

Kevin Myrick /  Sound Designer

Devon Labelle / Properties Designer

Maggie Whitaker /  Costume Designer



Salim Razawi / Rehearsal Stage Manager

Ellen Boener /  Performance Stage Manager

Kate Logan /  Sound Technician

Diego Peña /  Production Assistant

Tim Pham /  Production Assistant