Is Live Oak Theatre ADA Accessible?
• Yes! With our new renovations, we have come up to code with new bathrooms, doors,
ramps, and seating.

How many seats are in the house?
• There are 91 fixed seats, and there is space for two wheelchairs.

What are the stage dimensions?
• The playable area downstage of the proscenium is roughly 20’ x 20’.

What’s the lighting like?
• We have upgraded to 38 dimmers that support an array of Source4 instruments.

Is there a sound system?
• We have a seven speaker system: 2 mains, 2 Back-of-house, 2 upstage rovers, and a

Is there Front of House support?
• Yes. Your rental includes a House Manager for each performance. The House Manager
will overlook the cleaning of the lobby and house, facilitate the flow of the audience in
and out of the theatre, and manage your provided volunteers and ushers.

Is there technical support?
• Your rental also includes a theatre technician on site to help run lights or sound for your
event and support your tech crew.

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