We have big news. With our 18-19 season, TheatreFIRST is abandoning stipends and shifting to a $15 hourly wage for all artists. We hope that this model will create a movement and that each theatre company – especially those like ours positioned most often at the entry point of an artist’s career – renegotiates their responsibility to the very people that make our stories possible. We will also now offer direct funding for child and elder care.

Here is a video. Here is our season. And here is why we care:

The grand total for this season’s living wage, child and elder care, plus our ongoing CALLBUCKS program (paying artists for their work in the audition process) comes in at $99,000.

Here’s how we pay for it:

1/3 of this intiative comes from grants,
1/3 of this initiative from private foundations,
1/3 must come from our community.

This sort of crack in the status quo will take help from every one of us.
Don’t think of this as investing dollars, think of this as investing time:

$15 gives an artist an hour of rehearsal.
$60 gives them an evening.
$300 gives them a week.
$1200 gives them a rehearsal process.
Somewhere around $2400 gives an artist a full production.

You donate today here….

Let’s shine a light on one of our theatre community’s largest unspoken issues. Together, let’s create a new beginning with a new conversation.