25 May Newsletter – May 2013


Artistic Director’s Corner

Michael StormYou may notice as the season mailer gets distributed soon that Seminar, by Theresa Rebeck is no longer part of this season. I always knew that we were at the bottom of the fish tank and good scripts usually get gobbled up by bigger fish. We have been holding off on the season mailer because one theatre in San Francisco had not yet announced their season. Well they now have and they have acquired the professional rights to Seminar. TheatreFIRST was awarded the “non-exclusive amateur rights” which means the royalty company is within its legal right to sell the rights to a bigger company. So, they keep shopping it around until they find someone who is interested in the professional rights. They found someone. And since their production would close the day after we open, it seemed wise to move on. And before you write in or pick up the phone and tell me, “Hey Michael, why don’t you contact that theatre and ask them nicely to reconsider, since after all you did announce it first?”, I did that and our gentle request was denied. So, no more Seminar. Unfortunately.

It is a good thing we have been planning the next 2-3 seasons and have so many good plays in the queue. In this case it will definitely pay to plan ahead. It should only take us a few days to fill the third slot. Hopefully. While we do that figuring, please consider joining us on Sunday, June 30th for our Season Opening Celebration. It’s our 20th Anniversary Season afterall, in our new home, and we are really looking forward it, whatever the third show may turn out to be. There will be a couple of surprises and plenty of your favorite TheatreFirst actors, directors and designers to mingle with, AND (if I didn’t mention it already) it’s in our NEW HOME!!! If you haven’t been in the Live Oak Theatre yet, then you should really join us because there will be tours of the facility. It will be a great opportunity to get a glimpse behind all of the upcoming magic.


Save The Date

TheatreFIRST would like to cordially invite you to our new home at the Live Oak Theatre on Sunday, June 30th for a Season Opening Celebration! We will celebrate from 4:00 to 6:00 pm with drinks, live entertainment, and the presentation of our 20th Anniversary Season. Please be punctual! And bring a friend.

Robert Schroeder Photography

Poor and need a picture? Rob Schoeder, TheatreFIRST’s Company Photographer, can be this month’s prize in your Cracker Jacks. Actors affiliated with TheatreFIRST receive a special on headshots. Need a recommendation: see Artistic Director, Michael Storm, via his most recent headshots taken by Rob. Need some visual encouragement? Check out Rob’s website http//www.schroederphoto.com/. Need to talk to a human? Call Rob at 415.264.3903.

Subscriptions on Sale Soon

Just like the World Wide Web, TheatreFIRST turns 20 this year. We’d like to celebrate internet-style by bringing you in and keeping you here. Soon to be posted on our website, the season mailer will be ready for download. Take a break from your Facebook friends, and join us for our season as a Subscriber. We cannot guarantee that we won’t distract you from your work, but we can promise to enthrall you without pictures of our pets. Furthermore, we know that time is money. Particularly yours. We’d hate for you to waste any by wondering where your extra funds can go. TheatreFIRST is being fixed up and every little bit counts.

Let’s Get Everyone to “Meetup”

Meetup.com may sound like a dating site, but, rest assured, we’re not trying to set you up. Meetup.com connects like-minded people in groups and gives them a way to organize themed-events together. Our friends at Brickabrack have paved the way for a theatre and dance group on the site. Let’s help them expand it. If you are in the market, we’re not going to say you won’t meet your soulmate there.

Pear Avenue Theatre Offers Remount of TheatreFIRST’s Co-Production of Hanging Georgia

After last year’s world premiere, TheatreFIRST and Bootstrap Theatre Foundation’s co-production of Sharmon Hilfinger’s Hanging Georgia is returning to the Pear Avenue Theatre in Mountain View this June. Missed the first one? Owe an actor-friend flowers? Who says there’s no such thing as second chances?

Humor aside, Hanging Georgia, based on the relationship between Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz, was one of our most popular productions when it ran in 2012. We are honored and proud to hand it off to Diane Tasca, Artistic Director of Pear Avenue Theatre.

Though TheatreFIRST will be hands-off for this reprise of Hanging Georgia, Michael Storm will be back in his role as Alfred Stieglitz as well as his copious amounts of facial hair. Likewise, TheatreFIRST favorite Maryssa Wanlass (Hanging Georgia) and our very own Roy Landaverde (Grapes of Wrath, Hanging Georgia) are returning to you with the newest addition to the cast, Michael Barrett Austin (Grapes of Wrath). The four Slanters are back as well: Nick Allen, Clair Slattery, Juliet Strong and Paz Pardo in the title role.


Live Oak Theatre “Building Fund”

We’d like to bellow a big ol’ thank you to the attendees of our two “clean-up Saturdays” and those who have donated weeks of elbow-grease. Our “home sweet home” is getting sweeter each day, though we are still feeling the fatigue of the fix-up. We are calling on our neighbors and friends for a helping hand and a cup of proverbial sugar when you can. We’ve decided to dedicate this section to ongoing updates on the Theatre’s needs. Our designers and Production Manager have proclaimed “Let there be light!,” and we are currently pricing a new lighting grid. The first estimate for parts and installation is a lovely $6,000.00. We have a second estimate in the works and, once revealed, we won’t keep you in the dark. Because we’d also like to be kept from the dark, if you can help with a donation, we’d very much appreciate it.

Concessions Update:

Forget Peet’s. Forget Starbucks. Forget Folgers (if anyone remembers them). TheatreFIRST is delighted to announce the much-loved Philz Coffee, has joined our Concessions’ repertoire and is a huge hit.

Wish list:

  • 2 Narrow tables for make-up stations in the dressing rooms (1.5-2.00 feet)
  • 6  Cans of spray paint (flat black)
  • 1 Large cutting board

Thank you! We were able to cross off 3 coffee air pots and a set of Tupperware due to the kindness of TheatreFIRST fans.

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