TheatreFIRST continues to welcome our community back home to Live Oak Theater with an exciting new Season of shows that interrogate the American socio-political climate, and urge home-grown activism. Theatre has the ability to amplify beautiful and painful truths, and we are holding space for theatre making that does deep and necessary work with our 2022/23 Season. We offer three shows that invite conversations and investigate solutions to three of America’s largest, looming challenges: politically fractured relationships, gay rights, and reproductive justice. Are you ready?

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The Music of Mothers

(A TheatreFIRST / 3GT Co-production)

Written and Directed by Victoria Evans Erville 

October 7- October 23, 2022

This tender and affecting drama focuses on the shifting relationship between best friends Ethyl (white) and May (Black) as they struggle to raise their sons side by side in an ever-changing political and cultural landscape. Through anger, laughter and pain the two women must decide if they will hold on to each other as their friendship bends close to breaking. 



A Marriage 

Written by Tom Swift

Directed by Richard A Mosqueda

January 27- February 12, 2023

On a random, quiet evening, two men make the unlikely decision to fall in love. This comedic story chronicles their 40 year relationship- its highs and lows, newness and sameness- in an ever changing world. We are ultimately offered a unique perspective on a marriage, with all the laughter, sadness, joys, and challenges it provides. TheatreFIRST produces this world premiere after streaming their award-winning, pandemic-era, virtual production. 




Written by Marisela Treviño Orta 

Directed by Karina Gutierrez

May 5- May 21, 2023

In this exciting new thriller, a world-wide virus threatens healthy pregnancies and WMB (pronounced “womb”) clinics are created to provide a virus-free environment for those who can afford the expensive nine-month residency. WMB trainee Claudia faces her final evaluation as race, class, and political tensions reach a boiling point. 

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