Excerpts from the new solo show chronicling the life of James Baldwin, written and performed by Carl Lumbly and directed by Delroy Lindo.

TWO ENCORE PERFORMANCES: July 28th @ 2pm and 7:30pm.

Live Oak Theater, Berkeley.

TheatreFIRST invites you to view a developmental process, with, JIMMY: ACCORDING TO ME…, a narrative of famed novelist, essayist and social commentator James Baldwin, as written and performed by Carl Lumbly, and directed by Delroy Lindo. This work-in-progress takes place in a state of existence between death and rebirth; as Baldwin chronicles seminal events from his life.

From stage to screen, Carl Lumbly is an actor respected for his steadfast talent, versatility and class. His prolific career includes over 50 credits in television, film and the theatre that includes CIA agent Marcus Dixon for five seasons on ABC’s hit drama series, Alias, and currently as M’yrnn J’onzz on CW’s Supergirl.

After a sold out one night performance, Carl is back in an effort to continue the work as well as video document the process.

The excerpts run around 1hr. and will be followed by a Q and A with Mr. Lumbly.