Welcome to T1U

As an artist, you give so much to our community. T1U offers one-of-a-kind sessions to put you in proximity to the folks that can challenge you to your best, remind you why you’ve dedicated yourself to the art, and connect you directly to the next stage of your work.

To create cohesion between our growing initiatives, we next looked at education. We reached out to arts educators and working artists to ask what was missing in terms of representation and access in arts education. Their feedback offered us to clear goals:

Create direct access to our community’s best educators.
Include both master teachers and those without institutional titles to incorporate intersecting and diverse viewpoints.
Pay instructors a high hourly rate.
Keep classes affordable.

With the above in mind, we created T1 University (T1U), an ongoing series of unique six-week master class tracks. Every track explores a common theme such as monologue work, scene study, playwriting, directing or movement. Each week serves as a master class where students explore that theme with a different expert instructor. The impact has been overwhelmingly positive from students and teachers alike. From student Alejandra Rivas; “The way T1U presented education through all of these brilliant voices seemed to ask me to sift through and find my own.”

Any questions about T1U, contact Laura Espino at laura@theatrefirst.com.