July 7th

6pm – 9pm


Regina Victor, Founder of Rescripted, wants you to think back to the best reviews of your art. How did they make you feel? What do you want from your critical community and how do you go about getting it? How do we employ empathy in criticism and how can it further serve the artists? In a culture where it feels like critics don’t see us, how do we build our own critical structures? Learn the basic principles of Rescripted’s review culture, how to write a review and become an artist/critic from a Rescripted angle, and discuss the effects of criticism and critical bias on our art.

What to wear: Casual

What to bring: However you like to take notes



Regina Victor (they/them/theirs) is an arts journalist, director, and multidisciplinary artist. Victor, an Oakland native, is thrilled to return to the Bay Area. In 2017 Victor founded Rescripted, an online arts journalism platform by and for artists in Chicago. Their writing can be found in Howlround, American Theatre Magazine, The Windy City Times and of course on Rescripted. The Key: Young Critics Mentorship Program founded with Oliver Sava is an off-shoot of Rescripted, and trains emerging critics in the craft through the use of subjective perspectives and empathy. Victor has been selected for a number of prestigious programs over the years, including the SDCF Observership 17/18 class, the Victory Gardens Director’s Inclusion Initiative, and most recently served as the Artistic Apprentice and Multicultural Fellow at Steppenwolf Theatre. Recent credits include TOO HEAVY FOR YOUR POCKET at Writers Theatre (dramaturgy) and FAMILIAR at Steppenwolf Theatre (Assistant Director).Read more at

8 persons max per class.

All classes will be at Live Oak Theater, Berkeley

Individual session: $90

4 PACK: $280 ($70 per session)

8 PACK: $520 ($65 per session)

16 PACK: $960 ($60 per session)

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